People Behind CSS

To the entire web designer there or those who are in line with developing website or page, those name Hakon Wium Lie ring a bell? Definitely, you know his name but for those who do not well he was only the first to proposed or also known best for proposing Cascading Style Sheets or in short which is CSS. This was on October 10, 1994, wherein during that time he was working at CERN with Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau.
Hakon Wium Lie was born in Haiden, Norway in 1965. Before he becomes the Chief Technology Officer in 2016 of Opera Software, he is a web pioneer, standard activist and a politician for The Pirate Party of Norway.
He attended at Ostfold University College, the West Georgia College and the MIT Media Lab wherein 1991 he received an MS in Visual Studies. His PhD thesis at the University of Oslo was successfully defended by him on 2006 of February 17. Because of this thesis, this is the background where the CSS originated and basis to a few design decisions after it.
During the time he was working with Berners-LEE and Cailliau in 1994 at CERN he introduced the concept of CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. Because he was an employee at W3C he had developed W3C Recommendation with Bert Bos from CSS. In the Arena web browser, he incorporated CSS as a showcase and also a testbed. As everyone know CSS is among of the fundamental web standards, aesthetics, and deep impact on typography and web accessibility.
Aside from this, he also has a book about CSS which is where his co-authorized it with Bert Bos that was produced from the files of CSS and HTML.
1996 of December, Hakon Wium Lie was known to be the editor of CSS1 W3C Recommendation. At the age of 35, he was considered as one among the top 100 innovators in the world according to MIT Technology Review TR100.
He really did a great impact in line with the webpage. With it making a web page or website becomes easier to a web developer or maker.