What is CSS

Have you heard, know or any idea what is CSS? Do you know what CSS stands for? Actually, CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets.  It illustrates on how the HTML elements will be presented on the screen. A style language wherein it defines HTML documents layout like the colors, font, lines, weight, height, background images and other more. With this, it helps the person or the web developer to save much work because this can manage layouts of web pages even it is more all at the same time.
There is a great benefit when using CSS. This has done a great impact in regards to the world of designing a web page. A person will have more exact control over the layout of the web, from one single style sheet a person can control the layout of as many documents needed, a different layout can be used to different types of media such as print, screen and other more, it has more sophisticated and much advanced techniques. These are just some of the benefits that one can experience when using CSS.
With the used of CSS, the appearance of the web page can be managed more by the page creator than the designer of the browser or viewer.
Hakon Wium Lie was the first to propose the CSS in 1994 of October 10. There are different levels and profiles of CSS and each of this level builds or improved more from the last like there are new or added features. These are CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 and last but not the least CSS4. The profiles that were mentioned are the subset of the CSS of one or more levels that are built for a certain device.
For a web designer, CSS is considered as one the important tool that should be studied and learn because this can affect the whole website.  Studying this is a very challenging thing to do because there are so much to learn about it to be able to understand how it really works and how it can affect your web. But if you want to become a web designer professionally you better study CSS.