What to consider in doing a web page button

What to consider in doing a web page button
In a web page or in a web site having an appealing button is very important. A web developer or maker should not only focus on the background of the web page but everything on it should be well planned and designed.
There are many things to consider in making an appealing web page button. But first of all, imagine and make a plan on how it should look like. Do not underestimate the value of a button, just because it only occupies a very small portion on a web page. But this button can do wonders and can take you to your destination, goal or objective. You should consider that the button should be appealing to look at.
In designing an appealing button a well-planned design should be plan. The color that is eye catching should be used so that the button will stand out on the web page or website. You should consider the color should complement the website that you are planning to put up. There are some colors that are pleasing to look like blue, orange and green. But still it will depend on the one who is looking at the web page. If you are planning on using red color for the button you should remember that mostly this color is used as warning sign or danger.
Another thing to remember is the size of it. It should be bold and as much as possible the size should stand out but it should not to much big or small. The size will still depend on the website. Remember it should be noticeable.
If you have already finalized what the button should look like or should appear the next to consider is where to position it. The position of the button can affect the website. It can be position at the bottom, left, right, middle, top or anywhere depending on the subject.
Imagine this button which only can do a lot where in can give you the information you need is only a click away. A button can do a lot in creating, editing, redirecting and many more.